100 lb gloss book vs cover

Brochures printed on 100lb cover stock with aq gloss by elite. Heavier weights and textured papers are always special order. Cover weight paper is used for book covers, postcards, brochures and other marketing material. Xerox bold digital coated gloss printing paper, 100 lb. In stock ships within 24 hrs mf usually ready to ship in 24 business days. For example, 100 lb text is not as thick or heavy as 100 lb cover, but 100 lb text is thicker and heavier than 60 lb text. Like a heavy greeting card with weights typically available in 100 pound cover. Gloss cover paper stocks will be printed digitally with no coating. If you look at any book you will notice that the cover is always thicker than the block the block is the inside section of a book, the story that is typically the 100 lbs text. Uses because of their thickness and rigidity, cover stocks are used for items, such as post cards and business cards. Amazons choice for 100lb gloss cover hammermill paper, premium color copy cover cardstock 8. Our 100 lb gloss book comes with free aqueous coating and is available in a vast range of sizes and folds. If you look at any book you will notice that the cover is always thicker than. You can efficiently distribute them while attending a business conference or trade show.

Caliper is expressed in thousandths or hundred thousandths of an inch. Caliper and ppi are approximations only, except for 7 pt and 9 pt minimums for postal applications. It provides an excellent opaque base for easy to read, crisp typography. Uncoated stock wood free offset novels, childrens books. Sterling premium digital white card stock 11 x 17 in 100 lb cover gloss c 2s 10 % recycled 250 per package. What is the difference between cover stock and text stock. Our 80lb gloss book brochure and printed flyers can help promote a business, event, service or product to potential clients. If you look at any book you will notice that the cover is always thicker than the block the. Cover also comes in heavier weights, typically anything above 80 pounds. Coated card stock coated cardstock ranges from white gloss or matte to bright fluorescent and metallic, with coated twoside and coated oneside options. Mohawk color copy gloss paper 96bright pure white shade, 32 lb 8. Ordering a card with 14pt thickness guarantees sleekness and shows that you are corporate and professional, which makes it the standard, goto choice. Create a comprehensive campaign with quality paper and vivid color.

It is well suited for detailed, crisp printing without sacrificing the ability to easily write on the paper. In general, this top seller is the most used paper thickness for business cards and a good card stock for postcards too. It is also a great paper type for things like menus, posters, or flyers. In the paper industry, paper thickness is also expressed in points a single point is. Apr 26, 2017 gloss book papers are usually more ideal for brochures while your gloss cover paper is better suited for something like a flyer, brochures, posters or as covers to magazines or booklets. It is also is sold in many variations of coated or uncoated, and as the name implies is most often used as the cover for a book or booklet.

Offset has a much larger parent size sheet than cover stock, so 500 sheets of offset 25 by 38 inches weighs more than 500 sheets of cover stock 20 x 26 although cover stock is much thicker. Calendering part of the paper manufacturing process where the. Mar 11, 2010 also, if you plan on using the piece as a cd cover, a folder, or you intend to mail it without envelopes, then youll need the paper to be stronger and more durable like the 14 pt. In fact, a sample 80 pound text from our shelves has a gsm of 118 and a caliper of 5. White card stock 8 12 x 11 in 100 lb cover gloss 10%. White card stock 17 x 11 in 100 lb cover gloss futura. Create thick scrapbook pages that are sure to hold many different decorative accents without tearing or bending. What is the difference between 80 lb and 100 lb paper. Flo sheets help you turn out quality pieces that wont make you turn out your pockets. Feb 14, 2008 100lb gloss is very similar to magazine pages. Most dullmatte cover is a typically around a 9 pt cover stock with a smooth, nonshiny coating.

Affordable, versatile and available in a variety of sizes. This highquality paper allows you to create final products that feel richer. For example, lets say that the short run brochures offer. For basis weight comparisons text should always be compared with text, cover with cover and writing with writing. We most often use it at our shop in weights of 60, 80, and 100 pounds. Heres a quick list of paper weights including grammage gsm. Our bookweight paper has a high gloss coating which allows it to perform well on the press for color and detail. Verso products are manufactured to basis weight, not to caliper standards. For saddlestitched booklets, id lean more towards the 80 lb cover because they tend to be thinner books. Our 100lb cover brochures are available in quantities of 250, 500, 2500, and 5000. Paper thickness printing solutions for marketing success.

Top 100 lb cover 100 lb gloss cover stock is a highquality, thick paper stock that is excellent for those who want a thicker weight. Custom brochures continue to be an affordable, practical and versatile print product for. Paper conversion and paper weight star print brokers. Book, text and cover are names referring to the kind of paper used in a printing job. Id recommend going with 100 lb cover for most book applications, because i prefer the substantial feeling. Brochures printed on 100lb cover stock with aq gloss by. Your cover stock paper is more comparible to a thick cardstock, while your gloss book stock papers are comparible to a magazine paper. Matte gloss paper is shiny and is very popular for most. Its the most commonly used as house stock at many print shops throughout united states.

It has specific details on the paper used for many types of books at lulu, but can report on any book when given enough information. The metric system in comparison is more straight forward. Due to high usage of 100 lb paper, price of this paper is lower than many quality papers within the family of glossy coated papers. Keep in mind that it is floppier than the cardstock and does not stand on its own. They are like a standard greeting card, they range from 65 to 80pound cover. It is a heavy 14pt stock with a glossy, coated finish. Sterling premium digital white card stock 8 12 x 11 in 100 lb cover gloss c2s 10% recycled 200 per package. Present your business information clearly with our 100 lb gloss cover with satin coated brochures and flyers. Small quantities and matching envelopes are available. These are typical question we get asked all the time. Stocks that have the same front and back surface save money. Choosing the best paper for your print project overnight. For projects where caliper is critical, please contact your verso representative for more information on a specific product. Flo sheets are sold automatically with an fsc mix credit coc claim fscc014955 if the fsc mix credit coc claim is not preferred, customers may request one of the following alternative coc claims, pending availability of credits.

Also, if you plan on using the piece as a cd cover, a folder, or you intend to mail it without envelopes, then youll need the paper to be stronger and more durable like the 14 pt. Uses because of their thickness and rigidity, cover stocks are used for. May 06, 2014 80 lb cover feels like a thin cardstock. To convert decimalinch values into points, divide the average caliper by. It allows for heavier ink application for superior color balance at an affordable price. An economical alternative to other coated papers, resolute brite 80 is well suited for higherend printing. Book weight calculator this page displays the approximate weight and thickness of a book, given its specs. Hammermill premium color copy cover 100lb cardstock, 8. A high bulk paper is thicker but less compact than a lowbulk paper of the same weight and size. You want paper with the ability to carry an entire campaign, and opus sheets is capable of being both comprehensive and commandingwhich is exactly what customers have come to expect from your brand. Futura white card stock 17 x 11 in 100 lb cover gloss c2s 250 per package. May 16, 2012 100lb glossy aq coating vertical thinking product video. It is easy to write on and would be used in a project such as a journal or coloring book.

Are you looking for a way to successfully bring awareness to your business, brand, product or service. While we can order and print on most any stock out there, we do not keep stocks outside the range above on hand. Text for the pages of a book, and cover for the cover. Custom brochures and printed flyers offer a variety of benefits including design flexibility, affordable, and easy to distribute. Well, the key thing to remember is text is text and cover is cover. Gsm is a consistent number for papers, running smaller to larger regardless of paper basis weight. Most commonly, youll hear terms like 100lb gloss book, 80lb gloss text or lb gloss cover. However, 90 gsm is not standard, so the closest paper conversion is to 100 grams per square meter stock. It is coated on both sides with aqueous coating and is often used for catalogs and door hangers. What is the difference between 100 lb text and 100 lb cover. Choosing the perfect paper for your next print project. Standard glossy paper provides an excellent opaque base for rich process color printing.

Printing paper types descriptions for commercial printing. Learn the differences in paper from offset, text, cover, supreme gloss, elite. Your message begins with thick, 100lb premium cover stock and comes to life when printed in full, captivating color and finished with a rich aqueous aq gloss finish. Available in a variety of dimensions and fold options.

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